What is the deal with themes? Themes provide the layout and look for your WordPress website. They are created/designed by a third party and sold through websites such as Themeforest and woo themes. Themes are a good place to get inspiration for the look of your site and a good one is worth its weight …

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Real time application development technology solutions

As a veteran web developer, I have seen huge changes in client requirements and the way we build websites. In the early days, web development was just about creating static documents accessible online, but quickly we needed a way to link these requests into a “session”, and this allowed for user authentication and customisation of …

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Why use WordPress?

What are the benefits of WordPress WordPress is a content management system that began as a blogging tool. It soon evolved into the industry standard for content management for many business owners. In fact, 20% of hosted websites are WordPress sites. Blogs are recommended as an integral part of your overall marketing plan and WordPress …

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